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Minimum order £20

Weekly specials include:

  1. Chicken parcel : Chicken breast stuffed with our herby sausage meat wrapped in bacon & coated in a herby Greek style glaze
  2. Pork parcel: Pork loin steak stuffed with cheese and fresh spinach & coated in a sweet onion glaze
  3. Chicken cushion : Chicken breast stuffed with garlic butter & coated in a zesty lemon glaze
  4. Lamb shoulder steak coated in a rosemary and herb glaze
  5. Duck breast marinated in an orange & herb glaze
  6. Pork truffle: our herby sausage meat shaped into a dome filled with peppers, onions cheese and herbs with a black pepper glaze

Any cut of meat you require can be stuffed and rolled to your liking or bring in your own homemade stuffing and we will cut, stuff and roll into your desired cut of meat.



Each cut of beef we sell whether it be a steak, stew or a roasting joint is hand selected for you in store. Matured for between 20 and 40 days and on the bone whenever possible.

Our customers increasingly want reassurance about the integrity of the beef they buy and the confidence that quality is of a high standard from farm to folk and as members of the quality standard mark we can ensure we deliver this reassurance.

Many other products can be sourced for you just see us in store

Beef products:

  • Sirloin, rump, ribeye, fillet steak
  • Prime diced casserole beef, chuck, skirt, leg and shin, ox cheeks
  • Extra matured topside, silverside, brisket, beef ribs, chine and sirloin joints
  • Extra lean steak mince, prime beef mince


Locally sourced wherever possible we can get any cut of pork you require whether it be leg, loin or shoulder roasting joints, tasty and succulent pork steaks, chops, ribs and offal. award winning sausages made by hand daily from locally sourced pork leg. We are also stockists for Packington free range pork and boy are we proud to. http://www.packingtonfreerange.co.uk

Happy as a pig in muck!
Packington Free Range pigs are reared to the highest welfare standards and have been well recognised by butchers and the RSPCA Freedom Foods, as the best you can get. We believe that the traditional free-range way of farming is paramount. It may take longer to produce pigs in this way and cost a little more, but the results are worth it and all our customers agree.

Healthy Happy Pigs. 
Unlike most other free-range farms, all Packington Free Range pigs are born outdoors and live their whole lives in the lush green pastures of our farm at Packington. They are not taken indoors to fatten up at the end of their lives, we ensure they are able to live stress-free bz`y always providing them with what they need, when they need it. 



We work closely with suppliers to ensure the welfare of the poultry we sell is to the highest standards and are regularly maintained and inspected whether it be Norfolk, Yorkshire and Shropshire. Our most popular poultry item is prime chicken breast trimmed by hand and sold with buy 1 kilo get a further half kilo free.

We are proud stockists of Packington free range chickens All Packington Free Range Chickens roam free on established English pasture consisting of various grasses and clovers, with strategically placed perches and shelters offering shade, food and water, is the idyllic setting which every Packington Free Range bird experiences in its lifetime. It is wonderful to see the birds roaming free just as nature intended

Check them out http://www.packingtonfreerange.co.uk

  • Prime Chicken breast
  • Chicken thighs, Chicken drumsticks, Chicken legs,
  • Whole chickens; barn reared and free range, Partridge, guinifoul, pheasant,
  • Free range cockerels, Christmas turkeys   


At clive Lancaster and son we pride our self’s on quality ensuring only the finest ingredients and cuts of pork go into our award winning sausages. Using A family recipe for over 30 years we hand make our sausages in store fresh for you, whether you fancy sausage and mash, hot dogs or having a bbq our sausages can’t be beat. We also make an extra lean sausage with all fat removed. We have a wide range of flavours including

  • Plain thick & chipolata                                                       
  • Lincolnshire style thick & chipolata
  • Cumberland style
  • Old English style
  • Stilton and chive
  • Tomato
  • Piri piri
  • Pork and leek
  • Lamb rosemary and garlic
  • Venison
  • Lamb or pork curry style
  • Pork cheese and pickle
  • Worchester sauce style
  • Tomato, basil & cracked black pepper

And many more, we make 9 variety’s a week and swap and change flavours depending on times of the year and seasonal products such as venison sausage.



We work very closely with our suppliers to source only the best quality lambs money can buy whether it’s here in Nottingham wales or isle of man quality comes first.

As members of the quality standard scheme we can guaranty that a high standard of welfare is maintained from rearing, transporting and processing to the moment you sit down to eat it.

Many cuts of lamb are available

  • Chops
  • Steaks
  • Roasting joints
  • Kebabs and burgers
  • Minces
  • Stewing cuts
  • Offal
  • Racks of lamb
  • Stuffed lamb breast
BBQ Range

BBQ Range

When the suns out there’s nothing better than getting your friends and family together for a bbq and great company and great tasting food especially with Clive Lancaster and sons bbq range it’s the best  money can buy. Various combinations of meats and marinades and bbq packs available.

  • Tenderized minute steaks
  • Chicken kebabs in coconut & coriander
  • Prime minted leg of lamb kebabs
  • Greek style lamb kofta
  • Greek style chilli and lime kofta
  • Sticky maple pork fillet kebabs
  • Coated chicken and ribs
  • Prime beef burgers
  • Pork and apple burgers
  • Lamb & mint burgers
  • Smokey beef and jalapeno burgers
  • Award winning sausages
Cooked meats pies and cheese

Cooked meats pies and cheese

We offer a wide selection of quality cooked meats pies and cheeses. We have boiled and roasted hams delivered fresh to our store so we can slice it just the way you like it. Steak and gravey / steak and kidneys pies are great either on the go or as a quick weekday meal, we freshly bake them in store ready for you the heat when you get home.

We sell a wide selection of cheese from both Melton and long Clawson

  • Long clawson stilton
  • Dry aged red leister
  • Lincolnshire poacher plain & smoked
  • Charnwood smoked
  • Cornish yarg
  • Fetta
  • Halloumi
  • Somerset brie
  • Beauvale
  • White stilton
  • Innkepers choice
  • Cotswold with onion and chive
  • Pecorino
  • Manchego

And many more available either in store or on request